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Temperature Limit of QLH0500 Quartz Lamp Heater Sub-Assemblies
Weight Capabilities of HSTHD Heavy Duty Bell Jar Hoist Sub-Assemblies
Sub-Assembly platform customization levels? Sub-Assemblies
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If you have further questions and these FAQs did not answer what you’re looking for, you can always contact us by e-mailing our technical specialists at

Our technical specialists respond promptly to all questions associated with vacuum practice, vacuum technology, and thin film deposition, even if those questions come from our competitors. There is only one price: you must include your address and phone number with any request.

If you visit the Technical Information Section of our website, you will find an overview of: basic vacuum concepts, useful formulas, technical books, the vacuum modeling program Vactran, helpful hints, answers to TechInfo questions and our vacuum technology newsletter, LeskerTech.

Whether you are a veteran vacuum operator or a rookie technician, we probably have something that will help you in your quest for a fuller understanding and better technique.



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